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Packing Mistakes to Avoid

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Feb 4, 2018
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 Avoid the 5 Most Common Packing Mistakes. It’s hard to always make the right decisions, but a little advanced planning goes a long way.


Don’t Check the Weather

Before you purchase a flight to your next vacation you should always check what season it will be in that region. If you know you are going during the rainy season why not pack rain boots, a waterproof jacket, and layered clothing. If you are traveling during the peak of summer, pack light weight clothing. Of course looking great is what you strive for on vacation but don’t forget to be practical.
Tip: Set an alert on your phone to check the forecast a week before your departure.

Your Taste is Too Expensive

Shit Happens… Luggage Gets Lost! Whether you’re on your way to celebrate your birthday in Vegas or heading to Fashion week in New York and you packed you Louboutin’s and Gucci jump suits, be smart and pack those things in your carry on. Jewelry, electronics, designer anything, all it takes is one unlucky day to have your luggage damaged, lost, or even worse stolen.
Fun Fact: Most airlines, IF they cover, will only cover up to $3,ooo for a domestic flight and international is only $1,500. Check your carrier’s website for specifics.

Pack Stuff you’ve Never Worn

Long story short- bought/packed new clothes I THOUGHT would look great I FIGURED it would fit…… Well nope, didn’t work that way at all. Luckily Lex had packed some extras I could throw on and not spend a ton of money on vacation retail shops. After that incident I actually starting doing what Lex does before every vacation.
Tip: Don’t wait last minute and try on all the outfits you had packed to make sure everything looks the way you envisioned it in your head. Give yourself time to rethink outfits, weather, or forgotten items. 

You Don’t Factor in Souvenirs

Whenever Lex & I travel we always bring back souvenirs, bottles of Rum/coffee from the vacation to Cuba, Beads/Shot Glasses from New Orleans, or T-Shirts from Toronto. Over doing it on the shopping is easy and your suitcase may not close. (FYI sitting on it so it closes isn’t always safe…)
Tip: Pack a cheap duffle bag that compresses enough to fit in your suitcase pocket! This way it takes no space on the way there and on the way back you can fill it and either check the bag or use it as your carry on!

You Pack Too Many Pairs of Shoes

Bring it down to the necessities: a walking pair, a dressier pair, and a casual pair. Anything more really weighs down your luggage, potentially stains your clothes with dirty shoes, and Im sure everyone’s feet smell lovely but in the case they don’t 5 pairs of shoes mixed with your baggage doesn’t give a good smell.
Tip: Invest in Shoe Bags or pack your shoes with your soles facing away from your clothes if you must bring them all.

****Extra. Don’t forget to pack some of our Cat Lady Sunglasses from our store.

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