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5 Airbnb Newbie Tips

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Jan 1, 2018
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Jan 29, 2018

 You can always find sunny weather and beautiful people somewhere in the world meaning there is never a wrong time to start planning that amazing getaway vacation. Before you book, check out this post for Top 5 Airbnb Newbie Tips


1. Have a Complete Profile

Be sure to upload your profile picture and bio information this way your host can become familiar with you and vice versa.

2. Read the Reviews!!

This may seem obvious but seriously, read them. This section is where you will learn the difference between the Airbnb description and the actual experience. In the reviews you can find: host reviews, lodging reviews, location reviews, surrounding entertainment, and lots of other necessary information for your trip.

3. “A” Watermark on Pictures

Look for an, “A” watermark in the top right hand corner of photos. This means the host had a professional Airbnb photographer come out and take photos of the venue. More or Less, What you see is what you get.




4. Reach out to your Host

After you have decided on this location, BUT prior to paying, reach out to your host. Airbnb is a personal experience, remember this is someone’s home you are staying in; a quick message can make the experience a bit more comfortable on both ends. You can message them through Airbnb’s messaging service to just say hello and explain your plans or to ask a question if anything is unclear or unstated.

You can also use this opportunity to negotiate the rate, which contrary to popular belief is not actually fixed.

5. Be Respectful of House Rules

All Airbnb’s have a House Manual Section were you can find rules that the Hosts have put in place for their home. Rules range from: pets, Smoking/Non-Smoking, quiet hours, guests, temperature adjustments, additional fees/fines etc. Remember Airbnb’s rating system goes both ways. Not only can you rate the place, but the host can also give other Airbnb users a heads up about you if things go wrong.

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