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20 Tips to Travel Cheap

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Jan 30, 2018
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Feb 4, 2018

20 Tips on How to Travel for Cheap

The most common reason why people don’t get out and travel more is because everyone’s broke!!! Story of our freaking lives… Well here are a few tips on how to save those bucks and still see the world!


1. Research your destination

  1. Find best times to travel by researching your destination! Going from the US to Colombia in the winter is far more expensive than visiting in the summer! I’m talking like almost $300-$400 in flight savings!
  2. Be flexible on days of the week and research flights from nearby large cities! The savings can be almost HALF PRICE!

2. Skyscanner

  1. Skyscanner is a flight, hotel, and car rental world-wide search engine that finds you the absolute best deals on your travel! They will use a wider variety of airlines than some of the travel search engines that you’re used to.


  1. Sometimes we forget that there is beauty right here in our home country! Gas is WAY cheaper than taking a flight and you can just as easily get to beach or mountain by car.

4. Budget

  1. Build a budget and itinerary FOR LESS THAN WHAT YOU HAVE SAVED! This allows you some wiggle room in the event that something doesn’t go as planned! Keeping an itinerary will also keep you on track for your spending and your budget. Travel around your budget; don’t BUDGET around your TRAVEL! If you planned to use $20 for dinner DON’T SPLURGE!

5. Eat Local

  1. There is no need to eat at all of the touristy places, and if you’re anything like us, we enjoy the authentic food from the country we are visiting. A countries culture usually speaks through their food first! So eat like the locals do!

6. AirBnB

  1. AirBnB is awesome! You can rent an entire home for less than you can get a hotel! If you haven’t signed up use our code and receive $40 off your first booking! You can rent as large as an entire home to as small as a room in someone’s house! It’s completely convenient and safe!
  2. You can also try staying in hostels which are shared accommodations. It may be a room with a bunk-bed and you don’t even know the person on the top bunk! But this is for travellers….and you can meet some really cool people along the way
  3. If you’re really feeling like a nomad the couchsurf! People offer their couches to travellers going from one place to the next! This is usually only for a night or two but it’s a free night’s stay!

7. Other Shared Services

  1. Vayable – This is a way to find tours and activities in a city for cheap!!! Instead of a company putting together your tour, you will be helping the economy by “hiring” a local to show you their city!
  2. BlaBlaCar—If traveling in Europe download this app to share a ride! It’s a carpooling service and will cut down on your costs!
  3. EatWith—Communal Dinning where you get to eat with people from all over the world! It’s a great creative experience and allows you to eat cheaper!


  1. If travelling international, convert your money and pay in cash! This avoids any foreign transaction fees that your bank may charge you from swiping abroad.
  2. Please note that not all areas are safe to have large amounts of cash so take only what you need and keep the rest concealed.

9. Know Your Currency

  1. People are not opposed to swindling you out of your money! Don’t be the “stupid tourist”. Download a currency converter app and make sure you are giving the correct amount! Research what their currency looks like! Some places use two different types of currencies and one will be weighed less than the other. Don’t fall for the bait and switch!

10. Take Friends

  1. The more obvious way to cut on costs is to share it! Bring friends along to split prices between taxi fares, hotel accommodations, meals and activities.
Click photo for $40 off first stay!

11. Call Your Phone Carrier

  1. Before travelling make sure you have a plan that will cover you internationally. Upon arrival in the new country, use apps like Skype or Whatsapp to communicate back home. This will avoid your roaming fees. Find areas with FREE Wifi and use social media and iMessage when you arrive at those areas.

12. Cook

  1. If staying in an AirBnB or hotel that provides a personal kitchen UTILIZE it! I know we said to go out and experience local food, but if you could at least eat one meal back at the room a day you could save a lot of money!

13. Public Transportation

  1. Taxis can be super expensive depending on where you are visiting, so research the subway and bus routes! You can save probably close to $100 or more just by avoiding taxi charges!
  2. Research your city and see if they have tip services! There are some cities that provide rides for a short distance and the price is your choice on how much you decide to tip! These services are like magic! Keeps your money in your pocket!

14. Rent A Bike

  1. Want to really see the city? Bike Shares are becoming more and more popular! Rent a bike for $12 a day and ride around! You can stop as often as you like and not have to worry about an upcharge! Might as well sightsee and build those muscles!

15. WALK

  1. If you pick your sleeping accommodations wisely, then you will be staying in the area that attracts your interests. If so, you should be able to walk to most surrounding areas! No need to pay for anything if you walk for free!

16. CAMP

  1. I am sure you have heard of people backpacking through Europe or New Zealand or other cool places. This saves you on hotel accommodations and allows you to experience the elements of the country you’re visiting! If you’re an outdoorsy or an adventurous person, then this is for you! We once met a girl on our flight headed to Hawaii with her tent to sleep on the beach! MAGICAL!

17. Time Share Pitch

  1. Everyone wants to do cool activities while on travel. Find a timeshare company…. If you sit through one of their pitches, then they usually offer a free jetski ride or some sort of incentive to get you to check out their time share!


  1. When shopping in markets for souvenirs, NEVER PAY FULL PRICE! Start super low until you can come to an agreement on prices. If you’re not careful you will leave and had spent $100 dollars on items that only $15 in total.

19. Credit Card Rewards

  1. Use Credit Card Sign up Miles to pay for some or maybe even all of your flight! Check out Southwest airlines Rewards Card. You can get up to 50,000 points to go toward your flight just by signing up!

20. Travel Fund

  1. Last but certainly not least, don’t be fooled, traveling costs money, but it doesn’t have to be an arm and a leg. You can go somewhere off of $300. You just have to be strategic. But no matter if the trip is $300 or $3000, make a travel fund (where you pay on it like a bill) and stick to it! If traveling or just taking a vacation is something you want to do, then plan for it, the same way you would anything else!

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