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New York, NY

I truly believe New York City is a Bucket List travel item for everyone.  I took a small weekend trip to Manhattan for 2 days and tried to cram as much as I could! Keep Reading…


Transportation is literally one of the most expensive and time consuming parts of NY. We had a lot of ground to cover so we figured renting a vehicle was the easiest thing to do instead of taking Ubers around the entire city. Let me start by saying that there is no easy way to get around the city, be prepared for lots of walking and high prices for parking your vehicle. Parking is nearly impossible, the streets are always packed with vehicles, if you park on the wrong side of the street or during the wrong hours you will receive parking fine. (FYI that totally happened to us lol) So be very cautious of your surroundings and read every single parking sign you can find before you decide to park. Any Parking lot will run you about $50 so car pool on this trip! Ubers are everywhere so if you want to walk half way and Uber the rest of the way… go for it. Subway: All I will say about the subway is that I TRIED. I walked down there and a RAT jumped out…. I ran out so fast. The End.


Airbnb. Airbnb. Airbnb. Do not expect lavish lodging in NY unless you want to pay the high price. We crammed 4 bodies in 1 room right in little Italy walking distance to almost everywhere. Best decision ever! You can find Hotels a little further away from the population and have free daily parking. That is definitely another option if you don’t have many activities planned.


There is literally food everywhere, street stands and endless restaurants. One of the perks about New York is that it is extremely diverse and because it is so diverse you can find any type of food with a search bar in google. The Airbnb App also offers dinning experiences in your Airbnb area.


There is so much to do in Manhattan I really think 4 days in the city will get a vast majority of it done. This go around I only had 2 days but I crammed as much as I could in it: Statue of Liberty, Manhattan Bridge, Hookah Bar, BOOM Night Club, Little Italy, Shopping on Broadway, Time Square, The color Museum. It’s kind of hard to write about entertainment in New York because there literally is so much. If you like shows look up show times and tickets on Broadway. Broadway St. also has plenty of shopping! Little Italy and China town are blocks from each other so if you want to walk, those are free activities that are fun. Manhattan Bridge is also a free activity nice walk get some pictures. Statue of liberty buy tickets online for the ferry that takes you to the statue and Ellis Island. Race to the top of the ferry and find a good spot on the railing!

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