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Aug 6, 2017
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Oct 8, 2017

The most diverse city in the world has so much to offer. The variety of amazing, different types of food and culture is truly impressive. The city has everything from Little Mexico to Chinatown to Little Jamaica. At every corner a different language is being spoken. Toronto is RICH in diversity!


In Toronto the best means of transportation is taking an uber, taxi, or renting a vehicle.

We wanted a more visual means of transportation so we rented from the Toronto Bike Share in downtown Toronto. This ran us about 12 CAD for 24 hours of cycling. But let me tell you….Lo was just-a-ridin’ and I was breaking out into full sweat! She didn’t care to share that I was in 3rd gear! So needless to say, I got back to the hotel a few pound lighter lol.

The subway system was an excellent way to get in and out of downtown as well. When you pay for your round trip ticket you will be given tokens and those will be your subway payment. Find you a nice seat and pay attention to which color line you are on and where you are trying to go. We wouldn’t want you to miss your stop!

When all else fails, take a walk.


The Strathcona Hotel on York St. downtown hosted our stay.

This hotel was cute and quaint. Do not try to accommodate 3 people to a room the space is single to double occupancy ONLY!!  Perfect for our stay with a very friendly staff that helped point us in all the right directions for local bests.

There is even a little convenient store and Tim Horton’s coffee shop located right across the street.

It was the perfect location for walking to and from most of our attractions. Within 3-4 blocks you could get to food, entertainment and even union station.

If you just want to stay in the hotel there is a bar and restaurant on the first floor of the hotel.  Be sure to ask what their hours are because some nights they closed a little early.


OH EM GEE!! We ate like Kings in Canada! The food everywhere was so fresh and delicious. And don’t even get us started on their MAPLE SYRUP. It is literally to die for friends! Cora’s breakfast and La Carnita were our favorite places to eat while there.

Cora’s Breakfast is a popular place for brunch but don’t let the line discourage you. It moves quickly and trust us the amount of food and quality is totally worth the small wait. The eggs benedict was amazing and of course you have to try waffles, pancakes or SOMETHING you can eat with their syrup!

La Carnita restaurant is an amazing place to check out in the evening for dinner. It’s youthful with brick walls and loud urban music. They serve Hispanic food with a gourmet twist, try the street corn.

These restuaurants need to definitely make your MUSTS lists when you travel to Toronto!

Oh, and FYI for our young followers, drinking age is 19. You’re welcome!


Whether you want to be a tourist or a local, there are tons of things to do.

We visited the CN tower which is the third tallest tower en EL MUNDO! The view is breathtaking from the top. The elevator is a glass door to the outside so you can watch the distance as you travel north! If you have a fear of heights…then…this just isn’t for you friend.

Next door you will find Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada which was super neat—our favorite was the jellyfish exhibit. Check out our gallery section. We have a pretty cool picture of us standing on one of the tanks.

For shopping, the Eaton Center downtown will take care of your needs, but for our upscale shoppers take a subway ride up to Yorkdale, it’s full of LUXURY shops.

After all your daytime fun, if you’re still up to it (Lo fell asleep at 7 pm on our first night lol), check out King St. it is full of night clubs and restaurants. We visited Same Nightclub, Bloke, and Ballet just to name a few.

And for our Comic fans, we went to Toronto during Labor Day weekend which happened to be Fan Expo. The city boomed with Canadians from different provinces to partake in the festivities. This may be something you wouldn’t want to miss!

Places Visited

  • Strathcona Hotel                60 York St. Toronto ON.
  • Toronto Union Station      55 Front St. Toronto, ON.
    • Best way to get around surrounding cities
  • Yorkdale Mall                       3401 Dufferin Street, Toronto, ON
    • Upscale Stores!
  • Moxie’s Grill & Bar              Inside Yorkdale Shopping Center
    • Laid back, decently priced, fresh Guacamole, and tacos
  • Nadege Ice Cream                Inside Yorkdale Shopping Center
    • Really Great Ice Cream!
  • La Carnita Restaurant        106 John St. Toronto ON.
    • Really cool urban vibe! Get here early or wait in line.
  • Cora’s Restaurant                277 Wellington St. Toronto ON.
    • Homey little place. Best Breakfast Ever!
  • The Porch Restaurant        250 Adelin St. W Toronto ON.
    • Cool rooftop restaurant, jukebox music, and chill ambiance
  • Eaton Shopping Center      220 Yonge St. Toronto ON.
    • The Mall
  • Ripley’s Aquarium               288 Bremner Blvd. Toronto ON.
    • Large aquarium nice variety of ocean life
  • CN Tower Tour        301 Front St. W Toronto ON.
  • Toronto Sign             100 Queen St. W Toronto ON.
  • Bike Share                You can find these stations everywhere downtown
  • Same Night Club     510 King St. Toronto ON.
  • Bloke Night Club     401 King St. Toronto ON.


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  1. Travis says:

    Great choice to travel. I have only been there traveling through to go skiing. I will make sure to try out some of those spots next time I go.