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Costa Rica

Aug 2, 2018
New Orleans
Sep 7, 2018

Need an escape? Wana get away from the craziness at work, the kids running around, and the constant everyday routine? Costa Rica is the place for you, where paradise can be in your backyard and the ocean at your feet!


In Costa Rica, the main airport is in San Jose which is a land-locked city. So, if you plan to travel and stay along the coast, be prepared for a ride. If you are staying in a resort, then try to get a shuttle service setup that will pick you up from the airport. From San Jose to Jaco/Esterillos it was an hour to an hour and a half ride, so your travels aren’t over when you land. Take a few snacks for the trip to the hotel and enjoy the breath-taking view of Costa Rica!

While on our stay we found that in the Esterillos area the taxis were IMPOSSIBLE to find, and Ubers were charging for the distance to pick you up plus the ride, so we literally had to hitch rides from the hotel staff… for a fee of course. So be more prepared than we were and find a service or resort that has constant taxi servicing. We finally found a Tukan Tours driver and were able to pay him for a ride into the city… PLEASE NOTE: Taxis charge you per person! If the ride is $10 and there are 3 of you, then the total is $30! Costa Rica is in the money-making business friends! If you are comfortable driving in foreign countries, then it may be worth it to rent a vehicle rather than dealing with the hassle.


Of course, we are Airbnb fanatics, but because of the nature of this trip, we did half and half! The first part of our week we stayed in an all-inclusive resort right on the beach, and the other half of the time we stayed in an Airbnb on the beach. Both experiences were amazing, except that one time there was a crab in the shower LOL! The majestic water and land animals of Costa Rica are not shy at all! Check out our gallery for some of the photos of Iguanas, Crabs, and little geckos! Get familiar with them because they easily can become your roommates.



We went during the week of Memorial Day, and May-June is the beginning of their rainy season! BEWARE- their rain is no joke! It’s like baby monsoons that happen for a couple of hours! Bring the poncho, umbrella, life-raft, and your own person yacht! During the rainy season I can almost guarantee that at some point on your trip you will lose power! But it’s all a part of the experience! As odd as it may sound, running back and forth to our room in the rain gave our trip some character! On the other hand, don’t let that discourage you and PAY NO ATTENTION TO YOUR WEATHER APP! We stayed in Costa Rica for 7 days and the app told us it would rain 100% of the time ALL 7 DAYS! We were BUMMED! But when we got there only 2 of our 7 days were rained out! The rest of the time we had GORGEOUS weather! Make sure you come humidity-ready!


Again, because of the nature of our trip, we stayed in Esterillos which was very secluded and away from the city, but we did manage to get some party time in! We hitched a ride out to Jaco where the nightlife begins! They had streets filled with bars, nightclubs and restaurants. On Sunday Night we went out to Orange Pub and had a ball! The music was versatile, and people were very friendly. Wednesday nights there is only one place open—Jaco Blu! But don’t be discouraged, it’s worth the night to itself. It’s a big pool party and everyone who is anyone is there! Cover ranged from $2-$5 per person.

Not a big partier? No worries. There is plenty to do, Lo took surfing lessons and totally dominated the waves, and the ATV tours and natural spring visits were totally awesome too! Find a local excursion place and get a package! Most of the excursions will allow you to do more than one activity!


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