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May 7, 2018
Costa Rica
Aug 10, 2018

Bogota was the cheapest trip we have taken this year, Hands Down! So keep reading about all the cool stuff and places we got to go to all in 4 days!!


When it comes to travelling we always do our due diligence about safety and pricing. Everything online from other bloggers to just overall city reviews about Bogota scream “Don’t take the taxis in Colombia.” Now we are NOT grouping all taxi drivers into the same boat, but better safe than sorry. On the upside, Colombia has UBER drivers!! We used our app and rode with UBER drivers the entire time. The most expensive trip we had, 35-40 min, was the ride from the Airport to our Airbnb for $27 USD everything else was about $10 a ride (keep in mind these prices were for 5 of us TOTAL in an UBER van—insanely cheap right?!).
Group Trips- If you are planning on taking a group trip here Colombian Street Taxi’s do not have Vans so you will have to take multiple taxis to get somewhere. Uber does, so plan ahead.
*UBER IS ILLEGAL IN COLOMBIA* so while you or your group is waiting to be picked up, be conscious of saying Uber while you are on the street or near police. Being negligent of the rules can cause your Uber drivers have their vehicles towed. Keep in mind, someone always need to sit in the front seat of the UBER to make this look like a ride from a friend. So if you are riding solo, get in the front!


We will never stop raving about AirBnB’s, hotels are a thing of the past. Airbnb’s are cheap, found all over the world, and very accommodating. In Colombia we managed to find the perfect Airbnb house smack down in the middle of all the best parts of Bogota. Located on Carrera 15 in between streets 85 & 86. We had a grocery store blocks away, restaurants everywhere, a great family park, Zona Rosa aka Club/Bar zone, scooter rental, a small mall, convenient stores and more!



EMPANADAS are a Spanish dough/bread pastry, filled with jelly, veggies, cheese, or different meats. You will find little shops called “Empaniditas de Pipian” all over the place for empanadas at 2,400 COL which converts to not even $1.00 US dollar. You Must Try Empanadas de Maduro, if not, you’re missing out on some real deliciousness!

Grocery Store – We went to the grocery and stocked up on juice, breakfast supplies and snacks for super cheap. If you are traveling in a group or even just want stuff while you are home relaxing this may be the way to go for you.

Cantina y Punto is an upscale Mexican Restaurant in a nice area of the city. We made the walk there from our Airbnb, it was a mission but definitely doable, bought some street mango on the way there and saw cool street graffiti art, and eve got to check out other cool bars in the area. The food at the restaurant was to die for and they also carried Vegan options in the menu. They take coffee serious in Colombia so make sure to try the Espressos at the restaurant it will give you a nice wake up kick.


ZONA ROSA aka ZONA T – This is where you will find a strip full of nightlife including: clubs, bars, and restaurants flooding the streets and alleys. Keep in mind the majority of places charge cover ranging from 35-45,000 COL that’s $12-$15 USD. *VERY IMPORTANT REMINDER: If you want to go out to the nightclubs you have to register online in advance to be given entry! We did not know that so we had to smile pretty, speak in English, and act like we were clueless in order for us to gain entry. There are a few places that do not require registration, but the majority do!

Downtown Bogota- You can find museum exhibits, great place for small market souvenir shopping, street bands, and sightseeing buildings.

La Candelaria – A historic center near the downtown are full of colorful walls, amazing street graffiti, chalk art, tons of street vendors, and a large church. We attended on a Sunday—which happened to be a day that Colombia won their World Cup soccer game and the town was alive! Full of people walking around enjoying the beautiful weather and forming large circles of dance battles to showcase the many talents that come with the Colombian culture.

Monseratte – If you thought Bogota was already sitting pretty high up, Monseratte is even higher. Moseratte has the most beautiful view of the city.  The cable ride to the top will cost you 20k round trip and is completely worth the trip. Once you reach the top you will find a breathtaking view, gardens, amazing scenery, restaurants, markets, and more. Overall it was a great experience.

Places Visited:

La Fabrica – CLL 93A #13 – 25 Bogota

Very Nice Dinner Restaurant

Museo de Oro – CRA 6 #15-88

Empanaditas De Pipian – CR 15 #86A-39

Colombian franchise, ridiculously cheap, with amazing empanadas

Teleferico a Monserrat – CRA 2 Este 21-48

Casa Bizarra Lida – Museo de Oro

Noa Yaki Sushi Restaurante

Armando Fuentes – CLL 85 #14-46

Large Upsacle Night Club

Cantina y Punto – CLL 66 4A-33

Carulla Country – CLL 85 #15-29

Large Grocery Store with everything you may need


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