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New Orleans
Sep 7, 2018
New York City
Dec 13, 2018

Want cheap, quick, fun and sun? Cancun is the place to be! There is an endless amount of sun-kisses, beach drinks, parties, and excursions. Take your friends, your loved one, you kids! It doesn’t matter, Cancun is AMAZING for everyone!


The Hotel Zone has everything! So, getting a rental car is truly unnecessary. The public transportation is less than $1 and taxis take you anywhere for $12 of 200 MXN. Don’t worry, the bus is very clean and nothing like the public transportation in the US. Tourists and locals alike ride with little to no issues. You can get to Walmart, a restaurant, the night club, or a different beach for less than $15 and that’s if you decide you want to leave your resort! When booking your resort, make sure you get transportation to and from the airport included in your package! Best Day Travel serviced us and we had no complaints!


For our vacationers, All-inclusive is the way to go! We stayed at the Sandos Luxury Lifestyle Resort and were extremely pleased! Food was amazing, drinks were watered down but at least they kept coming for free! The customer service was perfect!!!! We were provided with beach towels, clean rooms, a gorgeous beach, and beautiful pools with surrounding cabanas. We would definitely stay there again. If you decide to do an all-inclusive in Cancun, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK WHAT IS INCLUDED. We ran into several people saying they were not happy with their all-inclusive package. Clearly that definition is not the same at all resorts.


Your all-inclusive, or hotel, may have entertainment options so check with the front-desk upon arrival. Your transportation company also will usually sell excursion packages. We got the nightclub package and the Jungle Boat Tour with snorkeling. Our night-life package included entry and OPEN BAR (yes, open bar) at Congo Bar, Senor Frogs, and CoCo Bongo for $99! You can’t go wrong at any of the clubs in that area. If you just want to stay on the street it’s just as amazing—the party never stops! There is a great restaurant near the clubs called Carlos n Charlie’s. The food is great, and they dance, sing, and have a ton of fun while enjoying your meal and drinks. If you can, sit near the front with the cut-out window area. This way you can watch the fun outside and inside! Also make sure you check out Fusion Tattoo! They are expensive as shit, but they’re super cool and do a great job!

Key Tips

  • Keep You Tourist Card!!!!! You cannot leave the country without it. If you lose this card it will cost you $32 at immigration to be issued a new one. Save yourself some money and hold onto it.
  • Bring lots of small bills for tipping-even though its all-inclusive you want to leave something for the people.
  • People are very polite in Spanish-speaking countries. Make sure you say Good Morning ( Buenos Dias), Good Afternoon (Buenas Tardes), Good Night (Buenas Noches)! Check out our International Phrases Blogs for more Spanish speaking lingo.


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