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Tajin Mexican Grill

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Oct 28, 2017
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Dec 18, 2017

I know a lot of you are wondering “What in the world is Tajin”? Well, it’s an amazing chili powder and salt mix you can find at your local grocery store! While you’re there, grab some oranges/fruit and Tajin. You want to sprinkle it on your fruit with a splash of lime juice. Voila… you’ve got a life changing snack! OMG the saliva is just building up in my mouth. Moving on….

Tajin is a family owned, hole in the wall restaurant, located on the Northwest side of Indianapolis. Serving amazing authentic Hispanic food and real fruit water beverages made daily; Horchata, Melon (Canalope), Fresa (Strawberry), Mango, Tamarindo and more.

The menu is divided between Mexican and Central American dishes. Plates are made with fresh ingredients and served with handmade corn and flour tortillas. Tajin sells lots of Carne Asada’s (both Mexican and Honduran), Chimichangas, Caldos de todo, Fajitas, Pupusas, Baleadas, and our personal favorite TACOs! The servings are large making it easy to prove that you get the biggest bang for your buck.

!!$5.99 Lunch Specials run Monday-Friday with 11 mix and match options containing tacos, tamales, baleadas, rice/beans, Chimichangas, enchiladas, taco salads, the list is endless!!

!!$1.00 Chicken/Steak Mexican Tacos are served Monday-Thursday!!

The customer base is very diverse and police officers always get a 50% discount. We love them and they love us! We? Yes, your dear Lo has been a server and friend of the family that owns Tajin for years! An intimate family friendly place with amazing people, great food and friends – you can’t pass up this opportunity I promise! You may catch me and Lex eating there or see me working. Stop in and see me while indulging in some great food!

Lastly, Tajin is partnered up with Uber Eats! So if you don’t feel like driving and want the food to come to you, download the Uber Eats App and find Tajin Mexican Grill their address is located below.

Come visit and let the server and cashier know you saw this advertisement on our website

3350 N. High School Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46224
(317) 297-7025

Monday-Sunday 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

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