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D1Indianapolis Sports Training

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Jan 29, 2018
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Want to transform your body, train for athletics, strengthen your muscles, maintain, or find your limits? D1Indianapolis TRAINS D1FFERENT! Changing your narrative starts here!

The D1 Indianapolis, Indiana location is owned by the Indy native Jeff Teague and operated by the Teague family. Jeff formerly played for the Indianapolis Pacers but now plays for the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Teague family runs a great operation where every member becomes family. At any point and time, you will hear cheering and motivation from a Teague family member helping you to reach your goal through encouragement and motivation. D1 is there to help you reach your limit, and break those glass ceilings that once defined your life! Everyone is a winner at D1!

The new D1 training facility located in Speedway, IN. It is truly a one of kind facility. The high-energy environment that D1 provides is available to fit all needs whether  it’s athletic-based training, weight loss, or just general fitness goals. The classes are coach lead with a “no one left behind” mentality! Whether you are a professional athlete or have no athletic ability at all there is a program that aligns with your training goals.

*For times and pricing go into the D1Indianapolis Facility for a FREE Consultation on which program is best for you!

Young Athlete Programs:

  • D1 Scholastic Training (ages 7-18) – Built for young athletes to fine-tune their skills in key areas like Speed, Strength, Agility and Explosiveness.
  • D1 Rookie (ages 7-11) – Creates a foundation in coordination and athleticism. Key areas of focus are Character Development, Strong Mental Foundation, Body Weight Training, and more!
  • D1 Developmental (ages 12-14) – Progresses athletic development by introducing Speed Mechanics and Weightlifting while continuing to develop Character, Coordination, and Mobility.
  • D1 Prep (ages 15-18) – Takes it to the next level by advancing athleticism through Power, Speed, Explosiveness and Strength.

Adult Programs:

  • D1 BootcampTotal Body training program for men and women who seek strength development and weight loss through Cardio Training, Strength and Resistance Exercises, Core, Balance, Flexibility and Injury Prevention.
  • D1 Strength (Personal Training) – Comprehensive Strength training for men and women with an emphasis on muscle mass development and body toning. This program includes weight room and body weight based strength movements, Plyometrics and Explosive Training, Core, Balance, Flexibility and Injury Prevention.

Download D1 app for 1st Bootcamp FREE

D1 says it all; family, fun, goals, encouragement and motivation! You need it, we’ve got it because D1 meets your needs exactly where you are today.

Check out D1Indianapolis and let them know Lex & Lo sent you!

D1 Sports Training Indianapolis
6331 Crawfordsville Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46224


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  1. Stephanie Cano says:

    I attended the bootcamp class at D1 for free by downloading the app and loved it! Love that I was able to try it out at no cost to me and the environment was great! I was pushed and motivated to get through the course without feeling like a failure, even though I am not in the best shape. Lol Definitely considering signing my daughter and I for some training

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