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Jul 18, 2017
Sep 5, 2017

Traveling with friends? No Problem! Traveling with family? NO PROBLEM! Regardless who is a part of your party, Tampa is a cool vacation spot! It is beach, shopping, partying, and sightseeing READY!


In Tampa we rented a car because there is so much area to cover! Getting between Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete and other destination can be a haul.

If you plan to stay in one area then there are tip driving services that are cheap and quick! If you are downtown Tampa they have an app called the Downtowner that offers the “free” rides. In Clearwater it is called FFR, Florida Free Rides. Depending on which area you are in there are various different companies that will offer you these tip driving services! Use them they are much cheaper than grabbing an Uber or taxi.

Even with this service being offered in the Tampa area, we still recommend that you rent a vehicle. Everywhere you want to go may not be a quick free ride away.


The city of Tampa is full of restaurants and an abundance of activities and things to do. The city offers easy access to everything and a short drive away from the beach. If you are looking to only be a beach bum you can happily vacay in the cities of St. Petersburg or Clearwater. We stayed at the Grand Plaza Hotel in St. Pete, the hotel sits right on the beach, the rooms are very spacious, and the staff is incredibly nice.

If you have any good suggestions for hotels in the Tampa or Clearwater area please don’t hesitate to comment below!


Of course, being close to the ocean the seafood perks are amazing! And our personal favorite, CRAB LEGS, were incredible! For families, Crabby’s Bar & Grill is a great place with outdoor seating for the family in Clearwater. They even offer a crab legs plate for kids! YES!!! Lex’s son, Geovani, didn’t like the crackin but he sure loved the eatin!

Another cool eatery for families is the Precinct Pizza place next to the Florida Aquarium. Cool Pizza, Cool Place!

Cuuuuubannn Food! Try La Giraldilla they serve huge plates for a great price and the flavour is awesome. They serve Cuban coffee, sea food, and specialty made pizzas.

Tampa and Clearwater have a ton of food options so you will never go hungry.


If you are looking for a night of drinking and dancing you must definitely make your way to Ybor City. It is so diverse! You find Spanish, urban music, gay clubs, rock, live music, DJ’s, they have it all. If you have ever been to New Orleans, imagine Bourbon St. x 5. This city has blocks and blocks full of bars and night clubs—start on 7th street!! Arrive early to find parking because these streets are packed.

For families, they have tons of great things to do with kids. First off, families, you will save a ton of money if you purchase the City Pass online. The pass gets you into Busch Gardens Amusement Park, The Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, The Florida Aquarium, and an option for the Museum of Science & Technology or Chihuly Collection all for 200 a person. As you may know, it is almost $100 alone to get into Busch Gardens so this really is a great deal.

We only had time to go to Busch Gardens and The Florida Aquarium, but Geovani wants you to know that those were a blast! Straight from one kid to the next!

We also went on Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise where the Captain and all his best mates set sail! There were water gun duals and treasure hunts! Be sure to bring your hats and sunglasses before Tampa on a Pirate Ship in the summer is H O T! But the kiddos will sure cool you off with their water muskets! Check out pics in the gallery of Pirate Geo and wore out Captain Lex!

Last but certainly not least, if you’re into museums and walking we attended the Holocaust Museum on our stay. Bring Tissues! It is very educational for both adults and children. They have a collection of art and artifacts; there is tons of information in the museum. You will find that most people are quiet going through the museum as it is a very heartfelt experience.

Places Visited

  • Florida Holocaust Museum          55 5th St S, St. Petersburg FL 33701
    • Humbling Experience, family friendly, great exhibits
  • Prana Night Club                              1619 E. 7th Ave. Tampa/Ybor FL 33605
    • 3 Floors with a variety of music per floor. Semi Casual Attire.
  • La Giraldilla Restaurant                  1003 W. Hillsborough Ave. Tampa FL 33634
    • Authentic Cuban entrees and Pizza
  • Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise    25 Cause Blvd. Clearwater Beach FL 33767
    • 2 hour Kids Pirate Cruise
  • Crabby’s Bar & Grill Restaurant  333 S. Gulfview Blvd. Clearwater Beach 33767
    • Indoor/Outdoor Restaurant across the street from the beach
  • The Florida Aquarium                     701 Channelside Dr. Tampa FL 33602
    • Large variety of aqua life, birds and reptiles
  • Busch Gardens                  10165 N McKinley Dr. Tampa FL 33612
    • Amusement Park with roller coasters and rides
  • Precinct Pizza                     615 Channelside Dr. Tampa FL
    • Police precinct inspired restaurant with a diverse variety of pizza



  1. Travis says:

    I love this place! Next time you are there not on a family trip…try out Mons Venus for entertainment.

  2. Annabelle Hunter says:

    Love 💕 the post! So helpful that I’m ready to book!

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