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New Orleans

Costa Rica
Aug 10, 2018
Sep 21, 2018

Want to take a quick day trip to the N.O.? Look no further, we absolutely Love New Orleans! Most people think New Orleans is all about Bourbon St but it’s not; the city has so much to offer for everyone and is divided into districts for different things: Art, Shopping, Drinking etc.

The first go round in New Orleans was during the Essence Festival, we had decided to randomly make the drive to the city and clearly had no idea because we, 3 couples, ended up staying in a whole in the wall motel with 2 beds because everything, I mean everything was booked solid and ridiculously expensive. Long story short, it was soooo much fun!


Depending on where you’re staying in the city, an uber or taxi should be enough to get around. We rented a vehicle as we were only staying for the evening and wanted to cover day activities however if PARTYING is your end game. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! Catch an Uber with a couple friends and split the fair.


The second go round in New Orleans was a random day trip but with our luck of course it was a home game for the New Orleans Saints vs the Panthers during playoffs! Streets were packed, restaurants were full, and traffic was crazy! As a vegetarian and my family still eating meat we decided to part ways for lunch. Luckily for the readers, this means I get to give you 2 amazing restaurants to eat at when in town.

Cochon Butcher- Decorated as an old school dinner and the meals were flavorful, hearty, and full of protein. My family said they would definitely be back again when in town.

Seed- Chic Vegan Restaurant hidden in a tiny neighborhood on Prytania St. Food was amazing, our server was as caring as they get, and the decor was light and colorful with empowering animal quotes like “This is what you should do. Love the Earth and the sun and the animals.” “May all being everywhere be happy and free.” It really was a wavy atmosphere with creative people.


We also checked out Armstrong Park. It is a large park with very nice scenery, best to go early to fully enjoy it, maybe after a meal and take photos. Another good location for window shopping is Royal Street; it is full of Artsy Shops.

Lastly, Bourbon St., Turn up in all the bars. For my Latin people, looking for Tropical Spanish music find the Chris Owen Night Club. For everyone else, party any and everywhere. The streets are full of live music, dancing, and drinking. Everywhere in New Orleans is a great time!

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