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May 30, 2017
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Aug 6, 2017

Birthplace of our very own, LEX! Which means that this is obviously an AMAZING city! HAHA! Bars, Shopping outlet malls, Ohio River, Casinos, DOWNTOWN!…. Cincy has it all! Over the past few years Cincinnati has been rebuilding to become a place for the people! New infrastructure and a downtown to give you a weekend of fun regardless what your definition of fun is!




Depending on where you’re staying in the city, an uber or taxi should be enough to get around. If you plan on doing everything including King’s Island Amusement Park and New Port on the Levee, then you may want to consider a rental car since you will be covering a larger area.


We have stayed a few different places while visiting Cincinnati or so we have a couple of different selections. If your visit is for family fun and King’s Island, then staying up North at the Great Wolf Lodge will surely give your stay an extra boost of family fun activities. If you’re with your friends and want to party, bar-hop, or hit Newport on the Levee then you need to stay in the downtown area. Recently, we stayed at the Millennium Hotel which accommodated us well on several occasions. It is walking or uber distance from everything downtown! The reviews on this hotel suck, but we primarily stay there because of the location and haven’t had any issues when we have visited. If you’re not impressed try out the Renaissance Hotel, it is also a great place to stay with decent pricing!


When it comes to cool places to eat and drink, Cincinnati is a winner! There were a few different places that we went, but these few really stood out to us. The first is Conscious Kitchen. They have a good variety of healthy food that is AMAZING! For our fellow Vegan and Vegetarian followers, this place is for you! We all know how hard it is to find something appetizing and healthy, but this place has nailed it! And don’t forget to hit O’Bryons Bar & Grill! This Irish Pub isn’t only great at making drinks, their food is awesome too! We totally recommend their grilled chicken and wraps!


As mentioned in the overview, there are tons of things to do in Cincy.

King’s Island is a theme park on the North Side in Mason that has great roller coasters, water rides, games and more! Take a full day for King’s Island, especially if you are going during a hot summer day! By the time you leave you will be E X H A U S T E D!

We totally loved the 16-bit Barcade! Well it’s really Bar + Arcade but we liked pushing those two together better! This place is completely awesome with old school video games and I’m talking Donkey Kong and old school to new wave drinks! This place is a Drink & Play only bar! Treehouse Patio Bar—they have freaking treehouse swings at the bar! Who doesn’t love to swing and drink! FYI they are not (well they weren’t when we went) selling food! So this is just a day drink, socialize and have fun kind of place as well. If you want a treehouse swing seat or a seat at all for that matter you will probably need to arrive early!

Heading downtown for nightlife you can find one of our personal favorites—Jekyll Cincinnati Nightclub. They place a great diverse mix of music. They may start on Pop music; throw in some Salsa and by the end of the night end with hip hop! Other great places for nightlife are Scene Ultra Lounge and Ivy. Friday and Saturday nights are the best times to go to those places.

If you’re into Arts, the Cincinnati Arts Center is amazing. They have all different aspects of art depending on what your taste is. If you prefer music there is a music hall, if you enjoy shows there is Broadway in Cincinnati, and if you enjoy art they have the Weston Art Gallery.

There is also a Railroad Freedom Center that beautifully recognizes African American Art & History. They not only focus on the enslavement of African-Americans but also recognize that there are 27 million people currently enslaved around the world. Check out their website, it gives you a lot to sit and think about!

And if you’re up to it, cross the bridge into Newport on the Levee for more entertainment from the movies to the aquarium to GAMEWORKS! It’s hard to be bored in this city!

Places Visited

  • King’s Island
    • 6300 King’s Island Dr. Kings Island, OH 45034
    • Amusement Park with roller coasters and wave pools
  • Great Wolf Lodge
    • 2501 Great Wolf Drive Mason, OH 45040
    • Lodge type hotel with indoor water park, great for kids!
  • Millennium Hotel
    • 150 W. 5th St Cincinnati, OH
    • Nice 3 star downtown hotel
  • Renaissance Hotel
    • 36 E. 4th St. Cincinnati, OH 45202
    • Nice 4.5 Star hotel downtown
  • Conscious Kitchen
    • 2912 Vine St Cincinnati, OH 45219
    • Healthy food restaurant with a delicious selection
  • O’Bryon’s Bar & Grill
    • 1998 Madison Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45208
    • Irish Pub with rooftop seating and great grilled chicken!
  • 16-Bit Bar + Arcade
    • 1331 Walnut St Cincinnati, OH 45202
    • Old School Games and Drinks!
  • Treehouse Patio Bar
    • 1133 Sycamore St Cincinnati, OH 45202
    • Super cute bar with great outdoor seating and treehouse like theme
  • Jykell Cincinnati Nightclub
    • 28 Fountain Square Plaza Cincinnati, OH 45202
    • Cool nightclub with a great variety of music
  • Scene Ultra Lounge
    • 637 Walnut St. Cincinnati, OH 45202
    • Great nightclub for a night out with friends (Friday or Saturday)
  • Ivy Lounge
    • 645 Walnut St. Cincinnati, OH 45202
    • Owned by Bill Ivy, super nice place to go close to Scene
  • Contemporary Arts Center
    • 44 E. 6th St. Cincinnati, OH
    • Music, Broadway in Cinncinati, Art Galleries… All things Amazing!
  • Railroad Freedom Center
    • 50 E. Freedom Way Cincinnati, OH 45202
    • African American Art & History
  • Newport on the Levee
    • 1 Levee Way Newport, KY 41071
    • Area of entertainment from movies to bowling to GAMEWORKS
  • Pappaduex
    • 11975 Northwest Blvd Springdale, OH 45246
    • Seafood restaurant, very upscale, MUST GET A SWAMPTHANG
  • LaRosa’s Pizza
    • Inside of Kings Island and many other locations around the city
    • Famous Cincinnati Pizza
  • Tin Roof
    • 160 E. Freedom Way #150 Cincinnati, OH 45202
    • You know what Tin Roof is lol (Super cool bar, always a great time in any city!)
  • Jack Casino
    • 1000 Broadway St. Cincinnati, OH 45202
    • CASINO
  • Montgomery Inn Boathouse
    • 925 Riverside Dr. Cincinnati, OH 45202
    • Beautiful restaurant with view of Ohio River
  • Jeff Ruby
    • 700 Walnut St. Cincinnati, OH 45202
    • Popular restaurant in downtown Cincinnati
  • Alabama Que
    • 2733 Vine St. Cincinnati, OH 45219
    • Excellent BBQ


  1. Travis says:

    Great review! I love Pappaduex! Any entertainment suggestions for family trips in the winter time?

  2. Shayla Boyd says:

    Fantastic review!!! If anyone is looking for a few family friendly things to do, the Voice of Black Cincinnati has a few events coming up! They just finished pictures with Black Santa which was a great turn out and a lot of fun! They also just started selling tickets for their annual daddy daughter dance!! Tickets sell out every year so if you’re interested don’t wait until last minute!

    The Cincinnati children’s museum has their annual holiday Junction going on right now. Every year they have pictures with Santa, arts and crafts, Christmas lights as well as trains for th kids to play with. Admission is only ten dollars and depending on your child’s age, they might be free!

    Sharonville lights are also still going on right now!! This is a fun way to take your little ones to see all of the Christmas lights and engage in fun holiday activities but stay out of the cold weather!! The lights are set up for you to be able to drive through!! However if your little ones don’t mind the cold, Cincinnati Zoo is still hosting the Festival of Lights and this year they have some of the animals out to see!!! Kings Island is also doing Winter Wonderland!! I haven’t had the chance to attend yet but I have heard nothing but good things about it! Lots of fun things to do in Cincinnati this year! Enjoy!!

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