Aug 19, 2016

Puerto Rico

Little salsa dancing island full of mofongo, beaches, and beautiful people! This island is a quick exotic getaway that doesn’t require a passport for US citizens. Whether its Tuesday or Saturday, the party here never ends and the beaches never lose their charm and beauty! #PrayforPuertoRico
Jul 18, 2017


Birthplace of our very own, LEX! Which means that this is obviously an AMAZING city! HAHA! Bars, Shopping outlet malls, Ohio River, Casinos, DOWNTOWN!…. Cincy has it all! Over the past few years Cincinnati has been rebuilding to become a place for the people! New infrastructure and a downtown to give you a weekend of fun regardless what your definition of fun is!    
Aug 6, 2017
grand hyatt tampa bay


Regardless if you are traveling with friends or family, the Tampa, Florida area offers a wide variety of activities, food and attractions. Take a look at what we found on our visit to the southern paradise.
Feb 4, 2018
asheville north carolina downtown buildings

North Carolina-CIAA

CIAA is the Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association. It is the first African American athletic conference that holds annual Men’s and Women’s Basketball tournaments. These tournaments are held every year in Charlotte, NC with over 150,000 fans from all over the country in attendance. The week consists, not only of basketball tournaments, but also a CRAZY amount of parties all over the city!!! Which is of course what we came for!
Sep 7, 2018

New Orleans

Want to take a quick day trip to the N.O.? Look no further, we absolutely Love New Orleans! Most people think New Orleans is all about Bourbon St but it’s not; the city has so much to offer for everyone and is divided into districts for different things: Art, Shopping, Drinking etc.