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About – Lex & Lo Travel


Our Mission:

To Inspire, Educate, and Enlighten the World on Experiences Outside of Their Daily Routines.

Our Vision:

Our goal is to influence others to be INTENTIONAL about living their best life. We will do this through sharing our adventures, reviewing independently owned businesses and preparing you for your travels!

Our Value:

We value all of our customers and readers and will provide a respectful, fun, yet tasteful experience.

About Lex:

Hi Friends! I’m Lex! I work full-time in Research & Technology and I have a cool 5 year old stud at home that takes up most of my time, gives me tons of hugs and kisses, and kindly leaves Spider-Man toys on the floor for me to step on 😀! I am a travel junky and love anything that allows me to learn about different cultures and parts of the world (half my Spotify playlists are in languages I don’t even understand lol).  Obviously being a parent and a full time employee often limits my travel time, but I still have to make a way to see what this earth has to offer. Travel is like my oxygen… Okay I won’t take it that far lol…. BUT I love it! And I want to share this adventure of seeing the world with you!

About Lo:

Hola Mi Gente! Lo Here! I live in Indianapolis, born in the The Golden State, but half my heart is in Mexico and the other in El Salvador! Here in Indianapolis I am a full-time employee in finance, a taco groupie, and an ANIMAL LOVER! I dedicate my love to my special American Eskimo, Miss Chleo, who loves long walks in the park and getting her belly rubbed by yours truly! BUT when I am not tending to my pup, eating tacos, or working, I am coming up with a master plan with Lex to take over the world! Okay Okay, well at least see the world. I love to travel and eat new kinds of delicious foods. The world has so much to offer and I plan on seeing it all!